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Blake's 7 RPG

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A Blake's 7 role-playing game, now almost moribund
This is a community dedicated to a private RPG with B7 characters (and some extras).

Some of the characters here are members of theatrical_muse, and some aren't. The latter should not be viewed as interfering with anyone's right to play the same characters on TM if they so wish.

The only rules we've had so far is that everyone should know each other (meaning that members must make their main lj/net identities clear)--we started out with everyone knowing each other and would like it to remain that way.

Also, as a personal request from myself (snowgrouse), I'd be very happy if any prospective players would stick to proper grammar, punctuation and in-character writing. The online B7 fan fiction community has had very high standards and it would be fantastic if it stayed that way in the RPG as well.